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On 25th January 2009, I came on board the Celebrity Solstice, to work as a Photographer. Within one hour on board I met the love of my life, which happened to be from India, exactly the other side of the world.

I just remember my stomach sending me a ‘plop’ kind of warning: “Run or be ready for your destiny call!” All cliches aside, I knew in that instant that my life was going to change forever! I couldn’t imagine how much though!

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As you read along you’ll see that there’s not one but a whole chain of “happy coincidences” by which I became Indian by Serendipity.

Our journey has been challenging in every way but equally rewarding. There’s close to nothing that flows naturally in intercultural marriages. The bureaucracy and the learning process never end!

interracial couple

Almost 6 years into our life together we decided to move back to India for a while. And this is where the adventures begin! (June 2016)

I am so looking forward to sharing everything about me with you and learning about you as well!

Thanks for being here!

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    December 12, 2016

    Ooohhh… i was on celebrity Reflection when I meet my husband (Indian also)

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I'm a light-hearted Mexican girl, who became Indian by serendipity. My dream is to share my story and crazy experience in an intercultural family! I hope to provide you with lots of struggle-sparing, life-inspiring, India-demystifying happy tips!

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