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Photoshoot in Taj Mahal Palace Mumbai

By on November 7, 2016

Today’s post is a little bit different, this time more than the “writer” you’ll find the “photographer”side of *AndreA*. All the photos in the post were taken by me. So feel free to give me any kind of feedback 😉 If you’d like to schedule a shoot with me, just send me a message through my contact form and I’ll get back to you!

Cherry Chris is a Mexican fashion blogger. In fact, she comes from Guadalajara too and she’s very popular! She’s a big inspiration to me with all her positive energy! You can imagine how excited I was when she got in touch with me to see if I was interested in doing a collab with her.

I think CONTRAST is the word that most accurately defines India in general and we captured it pretty nicely in here. Starting with the majestic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel in Mumbai. And continuing with a tour of South Mumbai through the Colaba and Fort areas. 

South Bombay is a beautiful part of the city because it preserves all the British style buildings. Well maybe “preserves” is not the word. Let’s say “hosts”. 

A friend of mine who was here last year and loved Mumbai told me that “if London and Miami had a kid, it would look like South Bombay”. 


The way to the rooms.



In this gorgeous pool area you can chill, completely disconnected from the world around the hotel.





I just adore these flowers!


The best view of Gateway of India from the balcony of the business center!



One step outside the hotel… chaos rules!


While we were walking on the street a guy approached her to offer her Hash. True story. Is it the shorts that gave him the hint that maybe she was interested? Hello!



You gotta love the Indian trucks! So colorful and bright! They even look happy to do the heavy work!


Yes, yes, I accept it! We searched tirelessly for some sign in Devanagari script. A shoot in India couldn’t be completely representative without it! He he he!



Lovely ladies in red!


Gateway and Me

This was such a sweet spot that I couldn’t miss the opportunity to have my own photo taken so we exchanged roles for just a sec! And I love the result… So philosophical! So… Indian by Serendipity!


“She (India) has left indelible imprints on one fourth of the human race in the course of a long succession of centuries. She has the right to reclaim her place amongst the great nations summarizing and symbolizing the spirit of humanity. From Persia to the Chinese sea, from the icy regions of Siberia to Islands of Java and Borneo, India has propagated her beliefs, her tales, and her civilization!” – Sylvia Levi 🏛 Thanks to the great photographer @cherrychriss 📸💖 #DazzledbyIndia #iloveindia #livinginindia #lifeinindia #expatindia #indialove #indiatourism #travelindia #myindia #india_gram #indiapictures #india_ig #beautifulindia #indiaincredible #incredibleindia #indiatravel #indiatravelgram #indiatravels #indiatraveldiaries #indiatravelblog #indiatraveller #indiastories #expatindia

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So how did you like it? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! <3

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