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A weekend in Udaipur- Part 2 City Palace

By on September 15, 2016

As we didn’t have much time to spare we decided to go for TripAdvisor’s Top 3 most recommended things to do in Udaipur, starting by #3 a visit to the City Palace.

If you missed Day 1 of our stay in Udaipur you can check it out here.

Tourist Prices All Around

In Bombay we are so used to climbing up any rickshaw waiting outside our house that we didn’t even give it a second thought before getting in the rickshaw standing right outside the gate of our hotel.

After we started the ride, I noticed that it didn’t have a meter. Too late, my friend!

He charged us ₹100 for less than 1km. The real price should have been like ₹20.

Paakaa? says my husband (“For real?” in Hindi). The rickshaw-wala just wobbles his head in that shameless way they seem to master.

That’s how we learned not to take any rickshaw from the street. You can basically walk almost everywhere and if you need it, Ola app has the service of rickshaw and they meter it properly. 

View of Udaipur from City Palace

Visit to the City Palace

Entrance: ₹250 per person (no distinction for foreigners, hooray!)

Guide: ₹400

Although maybe he wasn’t the most knowledgeable in the world our guide turned out to be a great photographer and he made the tour interesting by telling us a bunch of fun facts. Like there used to be 16 queens of whom the first one would be “Maharani” and the rest “Rani”. 

I don’t know if we would have learned more by renting the audio tour but it wouldn’t have been as interactive for sure!

Rajasthani Paintings

The whole tour of the City Palace takes 1-3 hours, depending on how much you stop on every room and if you read all the descriptions, analyse closely all the paintings or not.

Several kings built the palace throughout hundreds of years, so it’s very interesting to see the different styles that every King added to the palace.

The most beautiful for me was the Peacock Courtyard.

Peacock courtyard

I recommend taking a close look at some of the Rajasthani paintings all around the City Palace. They are good artists and you will find several interesting techniques. It’s difficult to take photos of the paintings because they all have reflecting glass on top.

For example, in this painting you can see the aerial technique, the perspective changes if you are close or far from it, so it looks 3D.

Rajasthani paintings

Lunch at Govinda’s

An animated group of foreigners sitting outside was the best recommendation of this place. I knew we had come to the right place when I opened the menu and the first thing I saw was this message>

“We ONLY use mineral water in all food preparations, drinks and ice.”

Take it from them, this is the first thing any foreigner travelling around India should pay attention to. Beware the water!

Govindas cafeteria

The Butter Paneer and Cheese Naan were very tasty.  The Mutton Biryani was more like a fried rice mix, not very authentic Indian but the flavour was nice.

food Govindas cafe

The price was very decent compared to the Hotel, Palace and Rooftop restaurants. We paid ₹600 rupees for the meal when in the other restaurants we paid around ₹1300.

The Americano coffee was unexpectedly great!

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Walk around the city

If you can tolerate tons of motorcycles and rickshaws buzzing next to you, honking loudly then you can survive the walk through the town.

For me it’s like a video game world where you get points for every step you take without fear, bonus for every motorcycle, rickshaw, cow, sheep, cat, dog or pigeon that you push your way in between.

You can also go shopping for antiques, clothes, handcrafts and all sorts of Rajasthani art.

shopping in Udaipur

*Update on the News Flash: I’m not starting the job yet. Apparently there’s a lot of paper work involved for a company to hire a foreigner so they’re still dealing with that. Let’s see what happens!

  1. southmeetssoutheast

    September 15, 2016

    Udaipur looks beautiful! I don’t know if I’ll ever get to visit, but thanks for the virtual tour!

    • *AndreA*

      September 15, 2016

      It is beautiful AND romantic Ellie!! You should definitely write it in your bucket list to visit with your hubby! 😉

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